The most important part of carpet cleaning is 'Power-Vacuuming'

This entails slowly vacuuming your carpets with a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner.

80% of dirt and soiling in your carpets is loose soil, so thorough vacuuming is the best way to remove it. It stands to reason that if water is used to clean your carpets then all we're going to do is make mud if the loose soil is not removed first.

Next we inspect all the fitting (including door bars etc) the carpet needs to be secured so that we can guarantee no shrinkage, if any refitting of the carpet or gripper is required then we are only too happy to do this for you at a small extra charge.

Spots and stains are addressed before cleaning commences, if left, cleaning can 'set' certain stains making them unremovable.

The whole of your carpet is then treated with a suitable pre-wash chemical, this loosens the dirt in and between the pile. Sometimes agitation is required if the carpet is really dirty.

The next step is to 'Steam-Clean' the carpet, flushing away all the loose soil, bacteria & allergens. High pressure 'Steam-Cleaning' cleans much deeper into the carpet than other systems and is by far the most thorough.

The carpet may or may not be then groomed, leaving the 'pile' to set just like a new carpet.

Foil protectors are placed under furniture legs where necessary because some items of furniture can leave un-removable marks on a damp carpet.

Your carpets are now clean and smelling fresh and will soon be dry.


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